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Our vision

We don't shoot what it looks like, we shoot what it feels like.

What we do

Professional photography isn’t just about taking a photograph; it’s about understanding what you really need. We do this by exchanging the knowledge so that we know what makes a picture work and how to make it work for you. With years of experience in photography, we can give the best results in product, automobile, food, portrait, family, architecture, landscapes and wildlife etc. 

About Studio

Photography is an art of frozen time which in turn is a world in itself and every aspect of it is responsible to make it complete. An image is much more beyond its visual perception and hence the key elements along with the skills are technology and infrastructure. In other words without the right setup and precise equipment an image would only be as good as any other.

We, at Enlight Studios are well aware of this fact and to fulfil that we have the ultramodern equipment to stay with the pace demanded by today’s photographic art.

We have just the perfect space with every required amenity. We are more than competent to handle every genre of photography indoors except for Nature which can never happen indoors.

Talk about camera systems and we have got it all,  a top end Canon DSLR range right from wide to telescopic  L series lenses and full frame professional bodies. Talk about Medium format camera and the torchbearers like Phase One and Linhoff 100 Megapixel with exclusive Schneider lenses form the strongest of artilleries in our arsenal.

And light...well without which one cannot make an image through a camera. A versatile range of Swiss made, Broncolor lights and modifiers required for all types of photography.

To ensure the image is made from a correct position at the optimum height and pin point angle our multifaceted range of Swiss made Foba tripods, stands and accessories ensures the precision required.

Our Team


Sandesh B. Mehta 


Managing Director & Photographer

Ar. Adityaraj S. Mehta


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Contact Us

Address    - Aditi commerce,1st floor, Above Bikaner sweets, Baner, Pune 411052,                            Maharashtra, India.

Landmark - Pantaloons 

Email         -

Tel.             - +919822014240 / +919822024240

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